Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.
― Ralph Waldo Emerson (via thewitchinghour3)
But see I know, someday, you will have a miserable evening, when you realise I was the kindest person you’ve ever known. (But) When you realise I aint a door mat you get to wipe your feet on when you come home. Oh you’re gonna miss me, this much I know is true.
― If I am home, you’re homeless / fuck fake friends (via chasercatcher)
People have hurt me. People make me cry all the time. People make me believe that I am worthless.
And i forgive them every single time. I let it go. I don’t talk about it.
But those people don’t even see what they do, they are all focused on them selves. When I try to talk about things they tell me to get over it, to let it go, and to stop talking.
Im not going to let them have the satisfaction of them knowing I will always be there. From now on, those people are going to miss me because I’m not going to be there anymore.It’s not my fault and I’m not sorry.
― My head (via justanothercreativeurl)